About us

LogCoop GmbH was founded in 2013 and is based in Düsseldorf.

As a cooperation, the company bundles the complete range of services of medium-sized companies in the transport and logistics industry in the sense of one-stop shopping. Currently, 140 members in Europe belong to the network, which enables the neutral bundling of individual resources and promotes the use of synergies to increase the competitiveness of each individual.

In addition, there are consulting services, both in tender management, process optimization and individual marketing and sales, up to joint trade fair appearances. The core is the LogCoop Intranet, which as MRM (Members Relationship Management) connects the members with each other and also supports them in their daily business with transport offers and warehouse inquiries.  LogCoop sees itself as a partner for the mostly owner-managed companies, in all areas of purchasing, based on almost 100 framework agreements, concluded with dealers and suppliers with a focus on freight forwarding needs.

Unique in Germany is the LogCoop warehouse network. Founded in January 2016, it now comprises over 60 members. By bundling warehouse capacities, a total of over 3.5 million square meters of space is available at around 130 locations in 11 European countries, which can be easily distributed via the network.

The cooperation's extensive calendar of events includes regional member meetings and industry-specific working groups. LogCoop supports shippers from industry and trade quickly and flexibly with a seamless infrastructure along the entire supply chain.

Our members


Total storage area

3.500.000 m²

Pulling units


The development of LogCoop

Our successes at a glance

Since its foundation as a service company in the logistics sector, LogCoop is the fastest growing cooperation of medium-sized forwarding and logistics companies in Europe. True to the motto "profitable networking" is the written goal of LogCoop in the union of medium-sized companies in the logistics industry to meet the challenges and requirements of the logistics SMEs future-proof and strong together.


10 years LogCoop

With over 125 members in Europe, 3.5 million m² of multi-user warehouse space, 130 locations in 11 European countries and the LogCoop networks, we are the logistics community for medium-sized businesses with our know-how transfer.


Move to new offices

Since 01.01.2018 we have moved our office to Düsseldorf. Centrally located at the airport, we are also driving the further expansion of our cooperation from here. The address is now: Großenbaumer Weg 10, 40472 Düsseldorf.


Foundation of the LogCoop transport network

As of March 2017, the first niche network in the transport sector was founded out of the cooperation, the so-called take-away forklift network. Further transport networks are in the pipeline.


LogCoop celebrates the 100th member

In May 2017, LogCoop celebrates its 100th member, ALFRED WEDLICH GmbH from Bayreuth.


Rebranding LogCoop

The logo and the visual language of the group of companies are changed. LogCoop increasingly focuses on a modern appearance and carries out a first rebranding.


LogCoop celebrates the 50th member

In April 2016, LogCoop is already celebrating its 50th member with Linther Spedition GmbH from Munich.


Foundation of the LogCoop warehouse network

In January 2016, LogCoop Lagernetzwerk GmbH & Co. KG was founded. Since then, the warehouse network is the first network in the warehouse logistics sector. The merger, serves the bundling and mediation of storage capacities and services.


Foundation of LogCoop

In 2013, LogCoop was founded by the merger of six medium-sized, owner-operated freight forwarders or logistics entrepreneurs.

Unsere Mitglieder

Strong together

Our members are medium-sized, owner-managed freight forwarders and logistics service providers who want to strengthen their position in the community and secure their future.
We currently have member companies not only from Germany, but also from various European countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Poland and Hungary.