Find the right partner for your individual transport solutions from bulky goods to XXL.

Bulky goods are goods that take up an above-average amount of space during transport. They are also often quite heavy and can hardly be transported to their destination without damage without additional measures in the area of securing. However, bulky goods do not always fill an entire truck or container.
But what options do you have around your transport solutions in bulky goods shipping and what services are available to you?

Fully stocked cargo holds

What are the options for bulky goods shipping?

If the new transport solution involves individual products, shipping as an additional load is a good choice.
In this case, the transport takes place together with other products, which means that the available capacities can be optimally used during shipping. This ensures that freight holds are fully stocked and that there is no need for empty vehicles to be on the road.

Shipping as an accompanying load is also a good choice in terms of cost efficiency.



If there are special deadlines for your bulky goods shipment, direct transport is the easiest option.

This also applies to larger deliveries where the entire area has to be used. For your transport solutions for bulky goods shipping, this has the advantage that new customer orders can be processed directly and without delay.

This is not always so easy for accompanying loads, as suitable partners with a similar destination must first be found.

For all Germany and Europe

Germany-wide logistics and transport solutions for bulky goods

To make it as easy as possible for you to design new transport solutions in bulky goods shipping, we offer you an extensive network of experts and partners. With this, you also have a suitable contact person for special requirements such as the transport of bulky items.

In this way, you can ensure fast, efficient and, above all, direct shipping throughout Germany and, if necessary, even throughout Europe. Planning and on-time delivery are possible at any time, which additionally increases your reliability.

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Know-how from experts

Additional services around the shipment of bulky goods

Since bulky goods do not conform to standard parcel and shipping dimensions, new formats and transport solutions are often required. Especially in the case of larger requirements, however, you are dependent on further services that can support you within the scope of management. These include, for example, the provision of pallets or the additional securing of the goods to be shipped.

These aspects can also be part of the transport solutions for bulky goods:

  • Direct link with logistics
  • Loading and unloading on site and at the customer's premises
  • Handling of returns management
  • Packaging of the respective bulky goods
  • Edge protection, padding and securing

Both for the pickup and for the further transport, you fall back on the desired relief with a strong partner for transport and logistics.

During a personal consultation, you can discuss in advance which services are to be implemented in concrete terms and what costs you will incur. In this way, the transport solutions for bulky goods always remain transparent.

Optimal logistics concepts for private and corporate customers

Contrary to what is often assumed, transport solutions in bulky goods shipping are not just an issue for business customers.

Private customers are also dependent on fast and smooth transport as part of moves, purchases or sales. For individual items, the company's best choice is to work with an expert transport service provider. The latter can usually ship the orders flexibly as an accompanying load to the recipient.


In order not to have to search for new partners for the transport with every order, a long-term cooperation is suitable.

It is also best to link your warehouse structures with the responsible suppliers to make handling smooth, efficient and practical.

This makes it much easier for your transport solutions in bulky goods shipping to meet customer requirements.
Optimally, shipping will not take any additional time.

Find your partner for shipping bulky & XXL goods

With LogCoop, we offer you an effective network of reliable companies, which noticeably simplifies the search for a suitable service provider. This applies not only to classic parcel shipping, but of course also to transport solutions for bulky goods and XXL goods.

If required, it is best to come back to us directly and let us recommend the right expert to you.