Detailed storage solutions in mechanical engineering and automotive logistics

A precise and practical warehousing strategy in mechanical engineering is one of the most important approaches for optimizing operational logistics processes. Especially for the construction of machines, both the tools and the material for processing must always be at hand and available in the warehouse. With practical storage solutions in mechanical engineering, you are on the safe side in this respect. But how can so many different products still be stored clearly and effectively?

Different types of racks and storage structures

Effective concepts for large components and small parts

Machines are made up of many individual building blocks whose requirements also differ significantly from one another in terms of storage.

Modern storage solutions in mechanical engineering must therefore take into account both small items such as special screws, spindles or other components as well as large components such as engines, cladding or tools.
This is made possible with a wide variety of racking types and storage structures.

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It is important at this point that smooth access can be guaranteed at all times.

As part of holistic and dynamic processing, the necessary components must always be available on site in production.

For effective warehousing solutions in the field of mechanical engineering, it is therefore also important to have clear labeling and digital management in order to maintain an overview.

This enables clear allocation in every work step.

Large and small components

Strong performance improvements for your industry

While ordinary plate racks are quite suitable for large components, live storage and slide-in racks are also suitable for numerous components. These allow you to make optimal use of your capacities, making them suitable for modern storage solutions in mechanical engineering.

For very small components and equipment, shelving units that can be individually assembled are also suitable. These offer space for numerous labeled boxes, which in turn can then contain larger quantities of screws, nuts or other items.

Automotive Logistics & Machine Parts

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Know-how from experts

More speed for procurement, delivery and storage

It is important at this point that the warehouse solutions in mechanical engineering ensure greater efficiency and enable simple sorting. Digital management systems are also gaining in importance at this point and promote faster handling in the shipping company or in the associated logistics center on site. Especially the diverse piece goods in mechanical engineering must therefore be stored in a uniform manner, whereby the following components of the concept are quite helpful:

  • Intelligent infrastructure in logistics
  • Uniform and digital inventory management
  • Use of specific storage and racking types
  • Space-saving and clear classification
  • Flexible expansion for new capacities


Scalability and availability play a decisive role for a practical storage solution in mechanical engineering.

This is the only way to ensure that all individual parts can be used and provided at the required time.

Together with our partners, we are happy to support you in designing your own strategy and noticeably optimizing your warehouse logistics in the field of mechanical engineering - both strategically and technically.
both strategically and technically on site.


Structures in warehouse logistics

Technical impact of high quality bearing solutions

Particularly in highly sensitive industries such as mechanical engineering, processes such as procurement, storage and integration in production have to take place in parallel.

Part of the warehouse solution is therefore not only the efficient division of the individual areas on site. The alignment of other processes that contribute to smooth processing is also of paramount importance.

The better the warehouse logistics in mechanical engineering are structured, the easier it is to increase existing capacities.
An effective warehouse solution thus enables efficient operations.

Auf die gesammte Planung kommt es an

In addition to the design of the new warehouse and the provision of the necessary accessories, holistic planning is therefore essential.

Thanks to our network, we always have the right contacts for you to optimise your logistics processes and ensure constant availability.

The combination of digital management systems and a smooth supply chain provides the necessary structure.

Efficient and individually equipped storage solution

Efficiency and control through bearing solutions in mechanical engineering

If you want to benefit from an efficient and individually equipped warehouse solution yourself, you are on the safe side with our numerous partners for the mechanical engineering sector.

This allows you to simplify the management and organization of your logistics processes throughout Germany. A suitable warehousing solution in mechanical engineering makes sense for freight forwarders as well as for logistics centers and delivery companies, and we will be happy to support you in this at any time.

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