Transparent transport solutions for part loads and general cargo

For the transport of part loads and general cargo, it is often a matter of customized solutions and systems that are nevertheless executed in a timely manner. Global implementation is particularly important here, for example to transport the general cargo by sea using containers. Flexibility and personality are the most important approach in innovative transport solutions for general cargo and part loads in order to obtain binding and secure commitments.
But what services does a holistic transport solution for shipping general cargo include?

Flexibility is in demand

Effective services in the transportation of general cargo

It is not always possible to plan the transport of general cargo or parts of a complete load far in advance.

Logistics and transport service providers therefore need to be flexible in order to provide customers with a suitable offer. The primary factor here is an integrated and reliable structure to avoid container and freight congestion. Prior customs declarations and obtaining permits should also be outsourced here.



If you choose the main transport by ship or aircraft, the transport process does not end at the cargo or airport.

This merely serves as a transshipment point for further transport by truck to bring the part loads or general cargo to the customer.

Modern transport solutions for general cargo and part loads include several means of transport at this point. Therefore, comprehensive and clear advance planning is an important approach.

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Know-how from experts

Numerous formats for your general cargo transports

Especially for larger handling of your part loads or general cargo, several modes of transportation have been able to establish themselves.
Depending on the volume and type of cargo, the following strategies are quite useful to ensure a fast and smooth transport of your goods:

LCL general cargo loading

If you often need your transportation solutions around general cargo for smaller quantities, LCL general cargo loading is an excellent approach. Here, your freight is added to an existing freight container to save yourself the waiting time and cost of a new shipment. This increases the efficiency of the logistics process and helps you further.

FCL full container load

For larger quantities of general cargo, FCL full container load can also be well suited. In this case, the transport partner will provide you with a suitable container that has been measured exactly to your needs. Both worldwide transport and digital tracking of the location are possible at any time with this type of shipment.



With a groupage you practically connect with other shippers who also want to transport goods to your transshipment point. This transport solution for general cargo is also a good choice for smaller quantities for which it is not worth having your own container. Safe and reliable stowage can always be guaranteed by the experts.

Breakbulk cargo

It is not always so easy to accommodate the goods to be shipped in the desired format. The breakbulk strategy can certainly be helpful in this case, in order to also bring bulky goods safely to their destination. Complex industrial products in particular can be transported at this point by special heavy-lift carriers without having to comply with standard formats.



Individual strategies for each temporal format

When choosing your transport solutions for part loads and general cargo, the time format also plays a decisive role.
While there are often more options available for long-term planning, the choice is usually much smaller for tight deadlines. Nevertheless, a suitable strategy can be worked out around the innovative transport solutions in every situation

However, if there is not only a short-term need for delivery of general cargo or partial loads, extended services can of course also be put together.

These can include, for example, quality control at the freight or airport and scheduling. Thanks to digital software and checking tools, the desired solutions can be found at any time.

A strong network

Here at LogCoop, we have numerous partners who can relieve you with individual transport solutions for general cargo and part loads. Our experts are available to you for smaller formats as well as for entire containers and extended freight. The same applies, of course, to the associated services, which you can arrange flexibly by arrangement.

We will be happy to assist you with your transport planning at this point.