Warehouse solutions for e-fulfillment

Not just since the Corona pandemic, but for several years now, e-commerce stores have been enjoying a rapid rise in popularity. More and more people are buying digitally instead of relying on stationary retailers in the cities. This change also poses new challenges for logistics.

Flexible outsourcing

We tell you for whom e-fulfillment is suitable as a warehouse solution

E-fulfillment as a warehousing solution enables store operators to outsource flexibly on a large scale.
All in the sense of punctual and precise delivery to the customer.

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Constant optimization

What exactly is e-fulfillment in logistics?

E-fulfillment refers to the final process step in e-commerce.

This begins after the completion of a successful purchase over the Internet and includes aspects such as storage, assembly, collection, packaging and, of course, delivery. Due to offers such as same-day delivery, this area of logistics has changed noticeably.

Nevertheless, we are working with modern warehouse solutions in e-fulfillment to keep up with the constant optimization.

However, good performance in e-fulfillment is not limited to logistical activities.

Commercial processes such as the acceptance and processing of orders and invoicing are also part of the service to be performed. In addition, there are tasks such as the transport and delivery of ordered goods in order to comply with delivery specifications.

By knowing all the essential data such as the product price, type of packaging, item court or size, our partners are able to offer e-fulfillment as a service for you.

In e-commerce, e-fulfillment represents the final process step.

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React flexibly

E-fulfillment and the added value for companies

For online retailers and performing businesses, e-fulfillment as a warehousing solution creates significant savings in the effort and resources involved. By outsourcing the service, companies manage to minimize their error rate and enable a continuously functioning implementation. The advantage compared to the employed fulfillment manager in e-commerce is that the service as a warehouse solution adapts exactly to the existing demand.

Thus, you are able to react flexibly to changes in your workload.


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Know-how from experts

How is the price of the e-fulfillment warehouse solution calculated?

For whom e-fulfillment is suitable is usually a question of budget and the specific processes to be outsourced.
In the following, we'll take a closer look at what the price of e-fulfillment specifically depends on and what's important around your warehouse solution:

1. size and structure

The larger the goods to be stored and shipped, the more space is required on site. The associated space requirements are directly related to the costs of e-fulfillment and are of course taken into account by us when preparing the offer.

2. scope of delivery and goods

In order for the products to be forwarded to the customer after the order has been received, the goods must first be delivered. Additional services such as checking the received goods and special delivery requirements are also provided for you in e-fulfillment.


3. packing and shipping

E-fulfillment as a warehouse solution also includes the entire shipping process. This applies to both domestic orders and shipments to other countries. Additional solutions to protect or personalize the shipping items may also result in additional charges.

4. service for the customer

In order to save on-site effort, many store operators outsource not only shipping and handling, but also support and customer service. The same applies to returns management, which can also be handled by us in e-fulfillment if required.

5. location and time window

The more remote the delivery location, the higher the delivery costs. Then there are the time requirements. While delivery within a week is usually possible, 48-hour time windows or next-day deliveries become significantly more expensive.


Video clip

LOGexperts on the subject of e-fulfilment

In this video, our member, GILOG GmbH, provides information about the e-fulfilment process, among other things.
Language: German

Why use an external fulfillment partner at all?

The main reason for commissioning an external logistics partner / fulfillment service provider is their experience in areas such as warehousing, procurement, picking, packaging, shipping and returns management, as well as the partner's flexibility.

Flexibility here means both spatial and temporal flexibility. The partner absorbs varying levels of incoming orders and shipments through multiple customers and flexible time and work models for customers. The fulfillment partner grows with you or you grow with the partner. You have more time to focus on purchasing and new products, store development and marketing. In addition, a partner offers completely different opportunities and probably also conditions, because he works for many customers and can thus share resources.


You should also not underestimate the ideas and optimizations that you can work out for the future, especially with medium-sized partners, e.g. in packaging, drop-off times, returns and growth at home or abroad.

Good e-fulfillment partners also have very good warehouse management, interfaces to CEP services or general cargo companies, and ideally already sufficient experience with store or ERP interfaces so that you can significantly reduce manual expenses. However, it is also important to build up and optimize your "own" logistics as a counterweight to the well-known "marketplaces" and the growing dependency. Here, a good fulfillment partner can greatly support you to strengthen your own brand for your customers and save costs.

Which fulfillment project may we solve for you?

Get individual advice on e-fulfillment now!
With us, you no longer need your own team of specialists, but can flexibly hand over the administrative tasks of your online store.
In this respect, we will create a service package for you that is precisely tailored to your needs.

We are the right partner for you when it comes to e-fulfillment as a warehousing solution.

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