Comprehensive FTL transport solutions according to your needs

When a truck is fully utilized for just one load, we talk about FTL (Full Truck Load). For your transport strategy, this creates a significant relief, as no available space remains in the truck.
Especially for larger production and delivery processes, this form of efficient transport solution is a good choice to avoid being dependent on third parties. With FTL transport solutions, you rely on direct delivery without the need for additional steps.

An increase in the range of speed

What exactly is behind the abbreviation FTL?

As already described, the abbreviation FTL stands for Full Truck Load. In simple terms, this refers to a full truck load. In this case, the truck is exclusively loaded with your delivery, which can thus be delivered to a transshipment point without further division. This ensures a significant increase in speed, as intermediate stops are no longer necessary. For urgent products in large formats, this is an excellent approach.



However, pure delivery is not the only part of modern FTL transport solutions.

The planning of the transport batches and the service in the forwarding agency can also be taken over by the contracted transport service providers without any difficulties.

For you, this has the advantage that you do not have to deploy additional personnel on site. As soon as the truck has been loaded with the goods to be delivered in the logistics center, the precisely fitting delivery takes place at the selected destination.

Always keep an eye on the exact product location

Efficient deliveries across Europe's road network

In this respect, not only local delivery is possible via the road network. Larger project handling across national borders is also quite possible within the framework of FTL transport solutions.

The type of goods and the distances of the delivery are not essential for the success of the transport concept. By using digital verification tools and other control mechanisms, you are always informed about the exact product location. This way, you benefit from the necessary planning reliability and can rely on the required efficiency.

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Know-how from experts

Additional services for FTL transport solutions

In addition to pure transport to the dealer or for further processing, a wide range of additional services is also quite useful. For example, the FTL transport solution is supplemented by shipment monitoring to meet all requirements.

The following services are also useful in the context of transportation concepts:

  • Comprehensive scheduling for each project
  • Express services for time-critical deliveries
  • Provision of a clear database
  • Control of the goods before the start of the transport
  • Documentation and management of all details


In order to make additional savings when selecting new FTL transport solutions, it makes perfect sense to work with a local provider.

As a rule, costs are significantly lower as a result, since long distances to the starting point or destination are eliminated.
On the other hand, in the case of widely differing routes and different storage locations, it is important to ensure strong networking. This makes it much easier to travel to several locations and remain flexible as requirements increase.

Vehicles, logistics, personnel and infrastructure

If you decide for a holistic handling of your FTL transport solutions, you do not have to make your own investments around the vehicles and the related personnel.

The cooperation with the respective planning companies helps you to find the most effective and easiest option for your projects. You are welcome to choose a suitable partner in your region right here with us and ensure the simplification of your transport processes.


For special transport requirements, you should first contact the respective providers.

This applies, for example, to the transport of refrigerated or hazardous goods, but also to extended service requests. After consultation, it is quite possible to combine customs services and other measures with the FTL transport solutions.

Appropriate insurance and handling in the event of an express delivery is also usually possible without difficulty.

Find the best partner

For practical and highly efficient FTL transport solutions, it all comes down to a strong network. This makes it easy for you to find the best partners even for special requirements and to expand your service portfolio.
Digitalization is also increasingly advancing in logistics and for transport, which means that you always have an overview.

It's therefore best to find out in advance from your potential service provider and get advice directly.