Storage solutions for fresh produce and food

Food and fresh products depend on a short turnaround time and rapid onward transportation. For this reason, flexible warehousing solutions for fresh produce and food are essential to ensure on-time delivery to supermarkets, hotel chains and restaurants. With efficient storage solutions, our logistics partners can support you in your project and meet your requirements.

Logistic processes with fresh food

Continuity and security within the framework of the cold chain

Above all, products that remain in the refrigerated cabinet until they are used have very special requirements for their storage.
In order to ensure shelf life, the cold chain must not be interrupted during transport and in the time until product turnover.

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This means that food is always available on demand:

With modern refrigerated trucks and logistics centers that maintain the desired temperature, even large quantities of products can be effectively stored temporarily.

However, to meet the needs of receiving operations, storage solutions for fresh produce and food must be much more in-depth.

Combined with full-fledged management, this becomes possible at all times to combine logistical requirements such as capacity and transport with administrative tasks such as management.

Freshness and food

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Know-how from experts

Concrete services in the area of fresh produce and foodstuffs

Ein Blick auf die ergänzenden Dienstleistungen zu unseren Lagerlösungen zeigt, welche Möglichkeiten Sie rund um Lebensmittel und andere verderbliche Güter haben. So können Sie nach Belieben wählen, was rund um Ihr Management wichtig ist und wo Sie noch zusätzliche Unterstützung wünschen.

Availability management at each site

For food companies in particular, the timely availability of products on site is of paramount importance. Part of the storage solutions is therefore also availability management, which can be used to ensure a clear allocation of the goods to be refrigerated. This ensures that the important quantities of goods are available at the required time.

Sorting and management of food

In order to maintain control on site in the warehouse, tasks such as sorting and managing food must also be carried out, of course. This simplifies the subsequent compilation of new deliveries and optimizes the entire logistics. Especially with perishable food, every day counts, which is why speed is of the essence.

Cold logistics and maintenance of cold chains

Both during storage and in all other phases of logistics, the cold chain must not be interrupted.
For this reason, it is important to maintain a constant temperature to ensure the necessary hygiene for chilled or even frozen products such as fish, meat or vegetables.
Holism and control are desirable at all times for this purpose.

Picking the logistic processes

In line with the requirements of your customers and buyers, continuous picking can ensure error-free delivery. Both in terms of time and content, it is important to work precisely in order to avoid errors and to meet the respective deadlines in the best possible way. Order picking thus becomes an important part of warehouse logistics.

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LogCoop Expert Panel Fresh Produce and Food

Our panel of experts provides insight into fresh produce and food logistics in this video.

It all depends on the storage

The challenges of storing fresh items

In order to store food correctly and at the same time keep an eye on the shelf life, a uniform classification is the best way.

Here, the products are subdivided on the basis of their origin, the specific ingredients, their refrigeration requirements and on the basis of further processing.

This ensures that no product is forgotten and that you can provide the desired overview at any time. Our partners will be happy to support you in achieving this goal.


More optimization

Solutions for the storage of fresh items

To optimize our storage solutions for fresh produce and food, it is also a good idea to use suitable warehouse management software.

This makes it easy to assign each product its current location and the time of further processing.
Digital support also ensures that best-before dates are always monitored.

This way, you always have access to the desired delivery options without interrupting refrigeration.


We are your partner in food logistics

Our storage solutions for perishable goods

If you are looking for innovative storage solutions for fresh produce and food, the highest level of safety is essential from the order to
the final delivery. The recommended temperature must not be exceeded or fallen short of at any time, and the shelf life must also be kept in mind.

As a partner in the field of food logistics, we are happy to assist you in this regard and support you in managing your availabilities.

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