With LogConsult to precise insights into your logistics

Few areas are developing as quickly as logistics.
Thanks to many digital impulses, it is becoming possible to expand efficiency holistically and optimise it step by step. '

With LogConsult, we would like to stand by your side during this step in order to make logistical processes clear and comprehensible for all sides. Thanks to many years of experience, we are exactly the right contact partner to always accompany you in the implementation of your logistical goals.

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What makes strong consulting for us at LogConsult

Here at LogConsult, we understand consulting as powerful and targeted advice to improve your logistical conditions.
In every operation, there is a lot of room for optimisation, digitalisation and improvement in order to increase performance even in difficult times.

With our consulting services here at LogConsult, we do our part to solve the problem.


Especially in times of ever-present product and supply shortages, efficient and modern logistics is crucial

This applies both to the logistics location itself and to the associated transports.

Through our in-depth analyses, we take as close a look as possible at your potential on site and work to expand existing concepts. In this way, we provide you with the necessary backing to optimise your processes with our logistics consulting.

Know-how from experts

Our services at LogConsult at a glance

With LogConsult, we have made it our mission to rethink your logistics concepts from the ground up.
This succeeds excellently thanks to our team of experts, enabling us to improve existing processes.

With the following services, we are at your side as a partner in logistics consulting and in this way contribute to a functioning work:

Logistics optimisation

As part of logistics optimisation, we take as close a look as possible at the existing processes.

With the help of digital simulations, we determine exactly which information and cost flows are already affecting your company and how we can drive the transformation forward.

Logistics optimisation

Warehouse and site planning

For a functioning logistics operation, the choice of location is of enormous importance.
That's why we devote ourselves to warehouse planning and ensure that your business can develop optimally on site in the region.

We also take a close look at equipment and facilities.

Warehouse planning

Tender implementation

Coordinating outsourcing is also one of the central tasks here at LogConsult.

We check the available storage capacities within our network, procure exactly the right offers and establish new contacts. This provides you with ideal long-term logistical security.

Logistics tender

Accompanying optimisation

Why we are the right contact at LogConsult

Our aim is to continuously develop your success. We do this with dynamic and fresh advice that takes a holistic view of your logistics work.

After many successful consulting services, we know exactly how we can relieve you in the areas of warehousing and transport.
We submit proposals tailored to your needs, examine all possible optimisations and keep an eye on how your logistics work is developing.

Together with LogConsult, you secure the development of your logistics company and help to ensure that storage and transport function at the cutting edge of the times

In order to be able to accompany and advise you as precisely as possible, we offer you the necessary flexibility for your processes.

This enables you to advance your logistics holistically and at any time.

Logistics advice from experts

Get in touch now and let us advise you!

With comprehensive logistics consulting from our experts at LogConsult, you have the chance to steadily advance your projects. We help you to select exactly the right measures for improving your logistics processes and capacities in order to fully meet the demands of today.

Not only locally and regionally, but also for the international market, this ensures clear concepts and strong structures that actively move you forward.

We look forward to meeting you.