Our service for warehouse planning and location analysis

With rising rents and generally high costs in the area of logistics, warehouse planning plays a decisive role. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves specifically to warehouse and location analysis in order to be able to ensure the best possible economic approach.

The decisive role

This is how we accompany you as experts in your planning

The more storage space you need on site, the greater the financial risk of inadequate planning.

This also applies when it comes to expanding an existing warehouse. Structured processes are also required here.


However, planning is of paramount importance not only for existing storage solutions, but also for new buildings

This applies not only to the construction of the storage facilities, but also to the associated capacities. The choice of the right location is essential.
This is determined by us according to a comprehensive location analysis (centre of gravity). According to the goods flow analysis, it should be easily accessible.

In addition to our logistics consulting, we take a thorough look at the local conditions for your potential location.

Know-how from experts

Various tasks to optimise your sites

The aim of our work is therefore to support you from the initial consideration right through to the ongoing operation of your warehouse.
The initially selected location is not always the best choice based on the many factors on site.

The following services are also an important core of the service:

Analysis and simulation of complete flows of goods

Behind every business there is an individual logistical need that can be expected in terms of the flow of goods.
Here we offer you a comprehensive analysis tailored to your location. This ranges from procurement and storage to final distribution.

Evaluation of required areas and personnel needs

Functioning warehouse planning is not only based on spatial factors. In addition to space, we therefore also include personnel requirements and local personnel availability in the evaluation, thus ensuring a complete concept.
The simulated flows of goods are also fully included.

Determining the economically best location

Not every location is suitable for the operation of a warehouse or logistics centre (DC / EDC).
We therefore search for the right location for you on the basis of a "centre of gravity" analysis.
In this way, you can expect a holistic location analysis with us.

Support with technology and warehouse equipment

Technical equipment plays an increasingly important role in times of digital warehouse logistics. In connection with the existing equipment, we also take into account the topics of automation and digitalisation in order to fully design your warehouse planning. In this way, you can see directly which components can lead to optimisation.



Long-term solutions

Holistic insights for smooth location finding

As a holistic partner for your warehouse and logistics planning, we think ourselves into your processes.
At the same time, we also keep an eye on your customers' point of view in order to be able to consider every aspect of warehouse planning in advance.

Weighing up a wide range of factors is of paramount importance in the location analysis.
This enables us to give you advice on how to optimise your business model.

Structure, reliability and individual advice

In order to be able to make our contribution to the development of your logistics locations, you will always receive individual advice from us.
In doing so, we take a look at your conditions on site and accurately assess the right steps for further development.

At the same time, we are always at your side as a reliable expert for questions as well as for further steps and developments.
Digitalisation in warehouse logistics continues to advance. Here, both small and large steps can have a positive impact on the logistical development of the company.

Everything from one source

Rely on our experts for warehouse planning!

Even the most efficient processes are of no help if the local conditions set limits here.
To assess this, we therefore offer you in-depth advice. We are the perfect contact partner for both the pure location search and the analysis of the expected capacity utilisation.

So feel free to contact us now so that we can provide you with ideal support for your location analysis and warehouse planning.