Practical storage solutions for FMCG and their packaging

Fast-moving products shape the economy, especially in times of flourishing online trade, and it is hard to imagine life without them. In this respect, practical warehousing solutions for FMCG, as this product group is known in short, are crucial. Above all, fluctuations in purchase quantities, high rates of purchasing and the integration of new products into an already functioning supply chain are the problems. But how do modern warehousing solutions help?

Modern storage solutions

What are FMCG and who depends on them?

The abbreviation FMCG stands for "Fast Moving Customer Goods" and refers to the goods and products that rotate quickly on the sales shelf. Replenishment is constantly required for them, which is also noticeable in the intensive logistical processes.

Suitable FMCG warehouse solutions are based on enabling rapid replacement on the shelves on site and ensuring continuous availability. This way, the customer does not notice any empty spaces.

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Products in the food sector in particular belong to the FMCG area.

For example, special storage solutions are required especially for goods with short shelf lives so that customers are not left standing in front of empty shelves in the store.

In addition to the focus on food, various nearfood products are also included in the FMCG area.

These are, for example, personal care articles such as shower gel, toothpaste, or toilet paper, which also have to be delivered almost daily.

A comprehensive project management

Large volumes of goods and their impact on logistics

The greater the product demand on site, the more important professional and reliable implementation becomes. Suitable FMCG warehouse solutions therefore adapt to the individual sales figures of the respective companies and enable comprehensive project handling.

This includes not only shipping to sales locations, but also on-site sorting and packaging. Part of an effective FMCG warehouse solution at this point is also picking to meet the needs of each location. This enables a steady replenishment of important products.

FMCG and packaging

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Know-how from experts

The advantages of a fixed contact for FMCG

In contrast to stand-alone production, storage and delivery, effective warehousing solutions in the areas of FMCG and packaging allow significantly more flexibility. Here, the entire effort can be conveniently outsourced without affecting availability. At this point, our numerous partners offer you many advantages for your new on-site warehousing strategy:

  • Individual systems according to your capacity
  • Flexible delivery intervals and deliveries
  • Planning and management of FMCG requirements
  • Increased transparency through commitment
  • Transnational logistics and transport systems
  • Implementation of new processes in your supply chaine

Further modern auxiliary offers such as digital shipment tracking and checking the stocks of your warehouses create additional security. In this way, you do not have to rely on the information provided by your logistics partners, but also always have digital confirmation.

From your point of view, this makes it much easier to optimize supply chains. Suitable FMCG warehouse solutions incorporate the many technical systems right from the start.

Video clip

LogCoop Expert Panel FMCG

In this video, our expert panel provides information about FMCG solutions, among other things.

Speed and quantity

These challenges bring FMCG

As already mentioned, it is mainly the speed as well as the large product volumes that make independent storage and implementation difficult. Effective storage solutions for FMCG and their packaging therefore make it easier to make the best use of existing capacities.

Due to the totality of products in the store, it is difficult to ensure that the frequently rotating goods are always available to the desired extent. That's why external partners can reliably help you.



Of course, the additional fulfillment service should not be missing at this point, in order to also have the warehouse management and inventory planning handled.

This way, your FMCG are not in one place for too long, but are always on the move. Even for large storage solutions, every cubic centimeter of space you can make the best use of with fast-moving products matters.

Our partners will be happy to assist you in always meeting the requirements of the customers on site.


A strong network

We offer competent FMCG warehouse solutions

Our network is at your side throughout Germany to improve and digitize your supply chains.
With targeted and modern FMCG warehouse solutions, the necessary reliability is created to always have the important consumer and care products of daily use in stock.
This allows you to avoid serious breakdowns, which increases the satisfaction of your customers in the long term.

We will be happy to advise you in this regard in advance.

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