Certified storage solutions for building materials

Not every building material can be stored in a simple pallet rack. Many substances have their own unique properties that need to be taken into account when designing a new storage solution. This applies not only to simple substances such as stone, sand or cement, but also to special areas such as storage capacity for technical equipment and machinery.
In this article, we therefore show you what storage solutions for building materials should take into account and how they do so in concrete terms.

A uniform warehouse concept

These are the challenges of storing building materials

Both from a legal point of view and for practical added value, a uniform storage concept for building materials in logistics is more than desirable. For example, building materials may not be temporarily stored on public land for specific projects without an exceptional permit.

For large construction companies and enterprises, it is therefore crucial to adapt their warehouses accordingly to the many different substances - and as close as possible to important customers.

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The main focus here is on optimizing existing warehouse locations that were not previously specialized in building materials.

While cantilever racks are usually the right approach for elongated wood materials, stone slabs or thin boards can be best placed in vertical racks.
Above all, the individual stocks are relevant, based on which the warehouse is aligned.

But not only the named types of shelves can be useful for your planning.

Digital storage solutions for building materials

Digital efficiency systems for more space in the warehouse

Primarily in well-equipped logistics operations, the number of digital storage solutions for building materials is also increasing significantly. This has the advantage that even the intermediate spaces in the warehouse can be better used and completely filled. In conjunction with cranes and remote-controlled systems, you retain access to your building materials at all times.

The technical systems here are precisely aligned with your warehouse structures to enable practical control. Even if the set-up is quite complex, it will certainly pay off for larger operational areas.

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Know-how from experts

What types of shelving are specifically suitable for building materials?

In addition to the vertical and cantilever racks already mentioned, our logistics partners offer many other systems to your storage solutions for building materials. The following types of racks are also ideally suited for building materials and enable effective use in the warehouse:

Flow racks

Flow racks convince with their compact structure and high density. Especially with homogeneous panels and equivalent building materials, this form of storage is a good option.

Therefore, to make the best use of the available space, the flow racks are quite suitable.


Slide-in shelves

With slide-in racks, you have the advantage of being able to move an entire storage unit in and out as you wish.

This lets you accommodate large quantities of wood products or building materials, while benefiting from the space in the depth of the respective storage system.

Storage platforms

A special form around your storage solutions for building materials are the storage platforms. These are especially helpful for smaller materials and substances that are quickly lost from sight without a concrete allocation.

With the storage platforms, the division always remains logical.

Video clip

LogCoop Expert Panel Building Materials

In this video, our expert panel provides information about building materials logistics, among other things.

Holistic service

Complete service as an important service

If you are looking for a new storage solution for building materials, the most important thing is a holistic service.
This makes it much easier for you to outsource the entire storage process and ensure constant availability.

Together with our partners, you have the opportunity to significantly increase your handling performance and to rely on a capable partner for order picking.

The new storage systems are adapted at this point exactly according to your preferences and incorporated accordingly.

In this way, you make the best use of the available space in the storage rooms without having to leave unused areas or units behind.

For wood as well as for stone, clay, sand or gravel and all other building materials you are on the safe side here.

Simpler, on time and perfectly coordinated

The right storage solution for every building material

For each building material, there are different storage systems and solutions to obtain the desired efficiency. Therefore, it is important to have an intelligent and comprehensive orientation that allows a flexible response to the respective requirements of the operation.

The right storage solutions for building materials make it much easier to ensure the necessary processing on time and in the best coordinated manner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly.

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