Customized transport solutions for air freight

For delivery over long distances, air freight is often the best choice. This lets you save time and capital without having to cover several thousand kilometers by truck. With holistic transport solutions in the field of air freight, you get the desired accompaniment for small quantities as well as for large deliveries. But what are the concrete freight concepts offered by the transport solutions for air freight and what services are provided?

The most practical approach

These requirements are to be observed for air freight

For smaller freight quantities, it is a good idea to participate in a groupage shipment. Here, your goods are combined with other products to make the best use of the available space.

The combination of freight and scheduled flights is a popular choice around air freight transport solutions, which is why groupage is often handled together with scheduled flights. Should you need to transport larger quantities of goods, this is not enough.



In this case, chartering an entire cargo aircraft is suitable.

Here, too, the available capacities and thus also the costs can of course be shared with other partners.

Should you opt for full-fledged charter flights, you will usually have to dig much deeper into your pocket for the transport. Pure cargo flights usually take place unscheduled, as the capacities are adjusted exactly according to your requirements to the chosen transport solution in air cargo.

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Know-how from experts

Additional services for transportation by air

However, with the right partners, you can expect much more than just air freight. Additional services make the handling as well as the linking with logistics much easier from your point of view. The following approaches offer you the necessary simplicity:

Export and quality control

To ensure that the goods are loaded properly and safely at the airport, an additional quality control is suitable. With this you keep an eye on the fact that during the implementation of your transport solution in air freight no possible delivery damages occur. Within the scope of the inspection and control of this process, you can expect the desired security.

Active transport insurance

During a transport, unforeseen things can happen. With an additional transport insurance you do not have to pay for possible costs yourself, but are protected against any kind of damage. Together with a strong partner, you can always opt for additional coverage for your air transport.




Express and special delivery

With a fully chartered cargo aircraft, you are able to meet even short deadlines and deliver in the desired time window. This is of utmost importance, for example, in the case of expiring foodstuffs or limited stocks. With an additional express or special delivery, you safeguard yourself and, of course, the recipients.

Refrigeration of expiring goods

The aspect of cooling is an important requirement for food and other limited fresh products. For this reason, transport solutions in the area of air freight can also be supplemented by appropriate cooling concepts, so that cooling chains are not interrupted. It is best to contact the chosen service provider for your transports directly.

Further processing after landing at the airport

In very few cases is the transport completed when the goods arrive at the airport. For this reason, smooth integration into your supply chain is essential to make handling at the airport as efficient as possible.

If required, our numerous partners for logistics and transport will ensure that the freight is transported onwards by truck and deliver the goods to their destination. This is also done at express speed as required without long delays.

Relevant transport documents and forms such as direct AWB, back to back AWB, an export accompanying document or a movement certificate can also be applied for and confirmed accordingly by the experts on site.

The same applies to the customs clearance of the cargoes imported or to be exported in order to always obtain a holistic transport.

Customized concepts for your supply chain

The logistics operations in our network provide you with a smooth and fast air freight transport solution. For this purpose, you receive customized concepts that adapt to your supply chain in the best possible way and inspire with a high degree of reliability. You can take advantage of both global and national transport solutions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.