Economic transport solutions for food

Food must be transported quickly and, above all, smoothly. Fresh products often only have a shelf life of a few days, which is why it's important to ensure punctual handling and good links with logistics.
While particularly fast deliveries are required for fresh fruit, vegetables and frozen products, this is not the case for all foodstuffs.
But how can new transport solutions for food be planned?

Do not interrupt the cold chain

Cooling, packing and timely delivery

Transport solutions in the area of fresh produce must also take into account the aspects of refrigeration. During transport from the warehouse to the supermarket, the cold chain must not be interrupted.

This also applies to possible transshipment, which can hardly be avoided for longer distances. A professional transport concept therefore includes refrigerated vehicles and suitable packaging in the process planning, allowing you to benefit from holistic services.



Also part of the planning is the consideration of corresponding deadlines and expiration dates.

These are also part of the concept and are often linked to binding commitments. The longer it takes for fresh products to be delivered, the less time there is on site at the point of sale.

In conjunction with dynamic logistics processes and efficient storage, it is possible to ensure that fresh products such as groceries do not have to wait too long for further transport.

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Know-how from experts

Additional services for fresh transports

Every additional process step that has to be carried out in addition to the transport chain leads to a noticeable loss of time.
For this reason, numerous services can be performed by the logistic companies to better design the transport solutions for food:

Checking the quality

Shelf life dates do not always indicate the actual quality and condition of the products. For this reason, it makes sense to take a quick look at fresh food and carry out individual spot checks. In this way, you can ensure smooth sales of the delivered products without having to destroy entire pallets prematurely.

On-site picking

For large supermarket chains or smaller stores, picking plays an important role. The aim of this is to ensure the necessary availability on site at every stage. On the basis of planning, delivery can then be coordinated to ensure that a sufficient number of products are on the shelves in the store at all times and to help customers further.




Digital batch tracking

Digital process management creates additional transparency for all responsible parties. It enables the tracking of products in order to always be informed about the current location. It is also beneficial for planning shelf sorting to be informed about upcoming replenishment and reorder new batches with just one click.

Management of returns

If certain products have been in the warehouse for too long, returns can also occur for transport solutions in the fresh produce and food sector. Although these are rare with the help of well thought-out management, such cases cannot be completely ruled out. You should therefore protect yourself in consultation with your partner.




Storage and transport as an important unit

Especially with such closely related services as logistics and transport, you should rely on a single point of contact.

This prevents misunderstandings, which in turn result in long standing and delivery times. Efficient transport solutions for foodstuffs depend on effective concepts.

Only in this way can the service provider become the necessary link between the manufacturer and the recipient.


Even with changing stocks, you are on the safe side when it comes to transport solutions for fresh products.

Digital software solutions enable detailed settings regarding the supply chain, whereby new products can also be implemented without much effort.

Together with a reliable logistics and transport partner, you have the assortment in view.

State-of-the-art transport solutions for fresh produce and food

The numerous partners in our network will be happy to help you improve food handling and reduce shipping times. You can choose from a wide range of services that will keep you on the safe side from picking to final delivery.

A personal consultation with your chosen partner for your transport solutions will tell you which concepts are suitable based on your company structure and size.