Custom-fit transport solutions for steel and heavy load

For transport, heavy objects are an enormous logistical challenge.
Without a suitable vehicle for heavy loads, no transport on German roads is possible.
While freights of up to 20 tons can usually be accommodated and shipped without any problems, the infrastructure is not yet optimally set up for higher weights.
But how can the right transport solutions for steel and heavy loads be found for important goods?

New solutions in the heavy-duty sector

The challenges of high transport weight

Not only the journey to the destination, but also the preparation of the numerous components is a major challenge.

The classic tension belts are rarely designed for pallets with an individual weight of several tons. Together with an efficient service provider for your heavy-duty transport solutions, new solutions are required.
This way, you do not risk the safety of the personnel during the transports and do not accept any damages.



In addition to transport, steel and heavy loads are also a key problem in logistics.

The pallets and other products cannot be moved with human strength and accordingly cannot be stored or prepared for transport.

In order to be on the safe side on site in the forwarding agency or in the logistics center, there are now numerous transport aids, which we will present to you in more detail.

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Know-how from experts

Practical accessories for heavy duty transport solutions

Around the accessories for your heavy duty transport solutions, it comes down to an alignment that takes the actual weight into account in the best possible way. Both for indoor use and for transport preparation before the warehouse, the following components are a good choice:

Heavy duty pallets

So-called heavy-duty pallets can be used to accommodate significantly heavier weights than on typical formats. This applies, for example, to heavy parts in mechanical engineering, but also to motors, transformers and other technical equipment. By linking with the heavy-duty pallets, you are well secured in this respect for any transport.

Flatbed transporter

Special flatbed transporters are suitable for transporting very heavy objects to the truck. These are designed for the heavy load and convince by the connection of two single chassis with the desired stability. In this way, you can load and transport products weighing up to 300 tons in one piece.




Lifting and drive technology

Classic lifting and drive technology should also not be missing as part of your transport solutions for steel and heavy loads. This can be combined with adjustable platforms, for example, to load the heavy loads into the truck without height differences. As a rule, the components of the lifting and drive technology can be controlled remotely, which simplifies handling.

Adjustable trolleys

Adjustable undercarriages are very important not only for the classic loading platform, but also for flexible transporters and other aids for your transport concepts. These promote safety during loading and automatically eliminate annoying height differences. Especially for transport solutions for steel and heavy loads, every centimeter counts.




Dynamic transport and logistics processes

To speed up the logistics and shipping processes, it makes sense to link the two areas.

This way, you don't have to employ an additional company for transport in parallel to the logistics operation, but have both areas handled from a single source. This also makes it much easier for your planning, allowing you to specify fixed time windows for your customers. Flexibility and control are also retained thanks to numerous additional services.


Digital systems for management and picking make the link between logistics and transport solutions for heavy loads even more modern.

This makes it possible to see at any time when new stock needs to be delivered and how much time this will take.
Together with professionally trained personnel, nothing more stands in the way of optimizing your transport processes.

Protect yourself professionally.

With the most modern transport systems for steel and heavy loads, you secure yourself professionally for weights of up to 500 tons. Of course, you are also protected against damage, delays or other influences during transport, which guarantees you the desired punctuality.

The selected logistics partners take care of the entire handling, planning and approval, making your new transport solutions for steel and heavy loads work.