Smooth transport solutions in the field of sea freight

Transport by sea makes it easier to ensure fast delivery from abroad, especially in the case of a large number of transported goods. Containers are used to deliver various products for the European market, which are then redistributed to the respective locations. Effective transport solutions for sea freight can significantly increase efficiency for the respective companies. But how exactly does transport by ship work?

The most practical approach

These requirements are to be observed for sea freight

Depending on the volume of goods to be transported, the type of transport also changes. While a separate container is usually filled for large quantities, the respective service providers increasingly resort to LCL general cargo loading for smaller requirements.

This is practically an addition to an already existing container, which, however, has not been completely filled. From the point of view of transport costs, this solution is probably the most practical approach.



However, it is not only the volume of transport that is important, but above all timely and fast delivery.

Transport solutions by sea freight are therefore not only based on delivery, but also include various additional services after arrival at the port.

Only very few companies receive their containers directly at the port. Much more frequently, they are followed by additional services that can also relieve the strain on shipping traffic on land.

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Know-how from experts

Additional services according to your transport needs

The requirement of numerous companies in the areas of transport and logistics is a direct and holistic handling of all corresponding services. The following aspects are therefore not to be neglected when it comes to selecting a transport solution in the area of sea freight:

Pre- and post-transport

Both the transport to the ship and the loading of the products after arrival at the port are often outsourced to a logistics partner. This means that you do not have to deal with delivery on site, but benefit from consistent planning. In this, the delivery and delivery times are recorded in detail, allowing you to receive your products.

Customs handling

Customs activities are often a difficult undertaking without on-site presence. For this reason, it makes sense to also hand over such administrative tasks as part of the transportation solution for ocean freight. This gives local managers the ability to handle customs inquiries, obtain approvals, and secure shipments.



Digitization of freight

State-of-the-art additional factors such as digital freight monitoring make the entire delivery process much more transparent. In this way, you protect yourself and the recipients from damage caused during transport. Part of a holistic transport solution in the area of sea freight is therefore also to be able to view the location, condition and scope of the delivery.

Express delivery by container

If you are in a hurry around your inventory, many transport partners also offer so-called express deliveries. Both as a whole container and in the form of general cargo in other containers, the required deadlines can be met in this way. Possible night transports and other measures reduce the necessary delivery times.



Practical measures for safety and punctuality

However, digital monitoring of the delivery is useful not only for the condition of the goods.

It also makes it technically feasible to control schedules and other factors. With the help of practical tools and individual security concepts, you avoid costly delays at the port. In this way, the transport solution becomes an effective part of your supply chain.


Advanced aspects such as quality control reinforce your security and provide more transparency for your sea freight transport solutions.

By consulting with your partners, you always maintain an overview and can receive individual advice. In this way, you professionally outsource the entire transport and make the best possible savings in the area of your logistics costs.

Keep everything in view with us

We will be happy to recommend suitable partners for your sea freight transport solutions and provide you with advice. A punctual and well thought-out delivery becomes much easier this way, without you having to deal with the handling on site. Not only on the direct sea route, but also before and after, you retain control through additional services.

In this way, you have an overview of the areas of transport and logistics on the water at all times.