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Many logistics companies have reliable working structures, but still fall short of the available potential. We often see that the structures change, but the associated process adjustments are not carried out!

Only by methodically scrutinising existing processes and through the associated further development is it possible to further optimise internal logistics. This is precisely where we see our task as your expert.

See the whole with us

This is how we accompany you as experts in logistics

One of the advantages of our logistics consulting is the neutral view of your work processes. This enables us to take a closer look at each of the existing processes and examine them more closely from an efficiency perspective. Thanks to our broad-based know-how, LogConsult provides you with pragmatic solutions tailored to your logistics business.


Not only land use but also human resources are taken into account

This also includes other factors around the location and the associated processes.

Thus, your logistics are not only put to the test according to today's standards, but also with regard to further development.

Know-how from experts

Holistic analyses for your processes on site

As already mentioned, as a consulting partner we attach great importance to holism as well as structure in the daily process.
That is why we think our way into your logistics processes both internally and externally, thus ensuring a comprehensive needs analysis.

The following factors are particularly worth highlighting when it comes to optimising your logistics processes in day-to-day business:

Checking the conditions for possible optimisation

In every business there are processes that are not quite coherent, even on closer inspection.

By examining the individual areas and factors, we get to the bottom of the obstacles around operational efficiency and ensure significant improvements in everyday life.

Digital simulations for diverse logistics processes

By simulating different processes, it is possible to determine quite quickly how goods, new information and cost flows can be.

Comprehensive simulations can help to better assess your adaptation needs and set the right priorities.

Support for the transformation of internal processes

The entire logistics industry is constantly changing to combine productivity, convenience and efficiency.

For this reason, we adapt our optimisation advice to your wishes.
In this way, we think ourselves into your processes and contribute to improvement.

Long-term solutions

The digitalisation of logistics as a central requirement

One of the central tasks of our work is the promotion and support of digital strategies.
In today's world, sustainable and modern logistics are closely linked to digital structures as well as to their own further development.

What may work well today is not always the right way in this regard in the long term.
For this reason, we put each of your existing processes under closer scrutiny and analyse them.

When it comes to the term optimisation, digital approaches play an extremely important role in logistics

Both space utilisation, personnel requirements and inventory management can be recorded more quickly with the help of digital measures in order to focus on other aspects.

For a long-term increase in efficiency for your logistics processes, digitalisation is unavoidable.

Neutrality, security and many years of experience

However, you can expect a reliable partner in us not only from a professional and technical point of view, but also on the basis of the desired structure.
We dedicate ourselves to the analysis and optimisation of your processes in a neutral and unbiased manner, which allows us to take a closer look at the relationship between costs and benefits. On this basis, we have already been able to successfully support many forwarding companies and partners in the field of contract logistics.

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We accompany you step by step in taking a holistic view of your logistics requirements and identifying possible improvements. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the logistics topics of processes, location, personnel, equipment, IT and digitalisation.

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