Intelligent transport solutions for building materials

Specific and well thought-out concepts are required for the transport of building materials in order to meet the requirements of the industry. As a rule, the building materials are first brought to an appropriate warehouse, from where further transport to the respective locations of use is organized and managed. This handling is also part of the comprehensive transport solutions for building materials. But what special logistical features need to be taken into account when it comes to building materials?

The right solution for every texture

The peculiarity of transporting building materials

Every building material has a different composition and must be stowed individually accordingly. While metals, wooden boards and large stones usually find a place directly in the rail freight cars or well stowed in the truck, this is not always so easy with sand, gravel and similar materials. So-called bulk materials are among the most widespread construction materials to be transported. Rail-integrated door-to-door solutions are a popular choice for this purpose.


This strategy makes use of appropriate containers to avoid mixing of several construction materials.

This type of transport is not only specifically suitable for construction materials, but can also be used for various special transports, for paper and cardboard or for transporting consumer goods.

While many construction and industrial goods can be transported by rail from the outset, the choice falls on the truck for shorter distances.

Modern transport solutions

Cranes and forklifts for smooth loading and unloading

In order to be optimally secured for the preparation and post-processing of the transport as well, additional machines and transport helpers are important.

A crane, for example, supports you in loading heavy items from the containers of the railroad and moving them to the desired position. A forklift, on the other hand, is best suited for pallets and similar items to promote further processing.

With modern transport solutions for building materials, you usually succeed in adapting to the customer's needs in the best possible way from a technical point of view.

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Know-how from experts

Practical advantages through transport solutions for building materials

With special transport solutions in the construction industry, you have the advantage that direct shipping of the relevant components becomes possible. Unlike consolidated containers by air or sea freight or split truck loads, construction materials usually take up the entire capacity. Thus, you do not have to join forces with other partners, but take care of your own transport chain.

You have the following advantages with individual transport solutions for building materials:

  • Demand-oriented and safe transport
  • Optimal linkage with logistics
  • Easy handling for every project
  • Individual planning of new transport routes
  • International network of service providers


We would like to accompany you internationally in your projects around the suitable transport solutions. Therefore, you can expect distinctive logistics and transport structures that convince with digital IT tools and platforms.

This simplifies the location recording, the recognition of the expected delivery time and the planning of further shipping structures. Around our large network of suitable partners, you are always on the safe side for this.


Logistics and transport from a single source

Especially in the field of building materials, it is desirable to combine the logistical processes with practical transport.

Already within the planning, the appropriate block trains can be planned according to your requirements in order to transport several building materials in several wagons. Through additional services such as filling the trucks, containers and wagons, you completely outsource the resulting work and rely on the experience of the experts on site.


You also retain control over the time frame of the respective delivery.

This means that you do not have to deal with the complex planning processes, but can guarantee punctual delivery in joint consultation with your customers.

Additional insurances and other securities are also at your side in case of possible special cases. So it is not you who bears the risk in case of delays around your transport solutions for building materials.

Connect rail and road for your building materials

In order to make logistics and transport of construction materials as efficient as possible in today's world, the combination of trains and truck transport is a suitable approach. In this way, you do not have to rely solely on roads or purely on rail transport.

Feel free to consult with the appropriate partners and increase your efficiency. Here at LogCoop we accompany you in optimizing all transport solutions around your building materials.