Effective storage solutions in the area of heavy and long goods

Numerous materials and finished products have a format that can hardly be accommodated in the classic warehouse. However, with practical storage solutions for heavy and long goods, you are able to benefit from the desired security even in difficult areas. The combination of intelligent logistics processes and robust storage systems enables the creation of an optimal handling area that ensures safe delivery.

No space in a classic storage system

This is what lies behind the terms heavy and long cargo

The term heavy cargo refers to bulky or high-weight cargo that can hardly find a suitable place in a classic storage system. Examples include parts of turbines, certain spare parts that have to be transported as a whole, or products from heavy transporters.

While they are of utmost importance from an industrial point of view, they cause problems in logistics on a daily basis. The situation is similar with long goods, which occur on a regular basis.

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Despite unusual dimensions, find the optimal storage.

For elongated and also bulky materials such as pieces of furniture, pipes or wind turbine parts, special transport and storage forms are required. In these cases, we are talking about so-called long goods.

In order to find a cost-effective and suitable option for storage despite the unusual dimensions, it depends on tailored and high-quality storage systems.

This is always possible with special storage solutions for heavy and long goods.

Plan right from the start

Individual storage technology for products with special dimensions

To this end, it is possible to determine as precisely as possible in advance what dimensions the new warehouse should have and what other properties are decisive. It is important that punctual, safe and efficient storage and retrieval become possible.

Throughout Germany, you can expect exemplary and transparent service from our partner companies.
This has the advantage that you no longer have to rely on general capacities in the warehouse. The high-quality logistics solutions for heavy and long goods adapt in detail to the format of the products.

Heavy and long goods

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Know-how from experts

Space-saving and modern storage solutions for heavy and long goods

The biggest challenge at this point is usually the storage. While only the right box trucks and lorries are required for transport, every centimeter counts on site at the shipping company or logistics center.

For this reason, custom-fit storage solutions are holistically oriented to save space and, above all, costs.
In addition, there are the other advantages you can expect with practical storage solutions for long and heavy goods:

  • Alignment with your real needs
  • Provision of practical storage aids on site
  • Integration of the storage solution into your workflows
  • Integration of the concept into your transport system
  • Support around the optimization on site

A tailor-made logistics concept for heavy and long goods makes working with larger capacities much easier.
At the same time, the focus is on the areas of sustainability and ecology, which means that your warehouse solutions can be reconciled with the company values in the best possible way.

Particularly with such complex warehouse components, it therefore comes down to professional expertise.

The whole counts

The right aids in warehouse logistics

Not only the structural condition of a warehouse, but also the content orientation plays a decisive role.
For example, space-saving and customized drawers can already provide noticeably more convenience for storing the corresponding items in a suitable place.

Storage at height has also been underestimated in many freight forwarders and logistics centers, which is why modern storage solutions can provide significantly more efficiency.

Putting the focus on the right certification

In order to ensure occupational safety and the necessary protection at every stage, the focus should naturally be on sufficient certification. With the right partners, however, this is not a problem, which means that you are on the safe side from the initial planning to the final implementation of the storage solutions for long and bulky goods.

Around the expanding services, you decide for yourself in which areas you need help.

We accompany you

Well positioned around freight forwarding and logistics

Here at LogCoop, we are happy to accompany you in implementing new storage solutions for long and heavy goods. This applies to both the theoretical planning and the technical implementation, which our partners conscientiously take over for you throughout Germany.
Smooth and secure integration into your supply chain is always our top priority.

So please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about individual storage solutions in the area of heavy or long goods.

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