Professional transport solutions with B2C transportable forklift truck

Not only small deliveries, but also larger purchases that present logistical operations with new challenges are currently in vogue. For example, consumers now order numerous bulky items such as garden sheds, wooden boards, pieces of furniture or fence parts digitally. Fast and direct delivery is offered without any problems in most cases. But how can efficient delivery be ensured on the one hand and unloading on site on the other?

A good approach

The bundling of transport capacities as an effective solution

The decisive keyword is the bundling of available capacities. Similar to classic parcel shipping, this format allows several goods to be linked together. This maintains cost efficiency and reliability during transport.

To also make unloading at the destination as easy as possible, transport solutions with a B2C truck-mounted forklift are a good approach. This also ensures the necessary mobility directly at the customer's site.



Many large orders also originate directly from companies, and the availability of a practical forklift is quite useful.

As a rule, the goods are loaded into the truck in the correct order so that they can be removed without much additional effort.

The inclusion of the complete logistics allows you to benefit from a holistically functioning concept around the B2C transport solutions for portable forklifts.

A flexible transport management

With the stacker to more simplicity for freight forwarding and logistics

By attaching the forklift directly to the truck, the most important tool is always available.
In this way, those responsible on site do not have to worry about providing suitable vehicles themselves, but instead fall back on the forklift that is already available.
Both at covered locations and outdoors, storage, shipping and handling are thus smoothly possible.

Please discuss with us in advance for which weight and which sizes we can help you. With us you always benefit from flexibility around your transport handling.

Bulky goods B2C - With LogCoop's truck-mounted forklift network direct to destination
  • 400 own trucks with truck-mounted forklift
  • 20,000 m2 storage area
  • Storage possible at 15 locations in 6 countries
  • Transport of goods up to 7.5 m long and up to 2.0 t heavy goods
Direct delivery B2C - With LogCoop's transportable forklift network to the place of destination
  • IT connection for Track & Trace
  • Hub and Spoke System
  • Cash on delivery and empties collection possible
  • Germany-wide coverage
One contact person B2C - With LogCoop's transportable forklift network to the place of destination
  • A personal contact person
  • Own central hub near Erfurt
  • triple notification at the customer
  • import handling incl. customs clearance
  • higher sales and margins for you

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Know-how from experts

What are the advantages of transport solutions with B2C truck-mounted forklift?

As already mentioned, the simplicity around your transport is one of the most important advantages. Especially from the end user's point of view, unloading on site with your own forklift makes an excellent impression. By attaching the forklift directly to the truck, there is no additional effort, which allows you to provide more convenience for the customer without losing space.

You should also always consider the following aspects around your transport solutions with forklifts:

  • Flexible linking of transport with storage
  • Consistent availability and fast delivery
  • Technical logging for track and trace
  • No risks if the customer is not found on site
  • Personal contact person for transport handling

Effective B2C truck-mounted forklift transport solutions thus give you the chance to respond to customers' needs directly on site.

This applies to both companies and private recipients, who usually do not have a forklift on site. Trained personnel for transport and operation is of course also part of the concept and therefore included.

Transparent IT systems for maximum traceability

From a technical point of view in particular, transport solutions involving the B2C truck-mounted forklift have become much more important in recent years. More and more information can now be accessed digitally from the customer's or the delivery company's point of view.

Aspects such as the time of delivery, but also shipment tracking or the current location can always be viewed. Via an individual code, the end consumer is able to check all information.


In consultation with our partners, you can of course decide for yourself which services you would like to use for your transport solutions.

This way, you can outsource the entire processing if necessary and save yourself the effort involved. Around our well established network we recommend the right contact person for each project.

Are you looking for a transport solution for bulky goods?
We are your competent contact for transport questions.

We are your competent contact

Each transport has its own requirements, which you should meet from the customer's point of view. Bulky goods are beyond the dimensions of any package. Nevertheless, the consumer expects the delivery of bulky goods to the place of use.

Offer your customers exactly this extra service. With effective transport solutions around the B2C transportable forklift, you always have your tools for unloading bulky and large goods with you. In this way, you secure yourself and your transport processes throughout Germany and enable fast product receipt.

At this point, we are pleased to accompany you in the entire transport and handling planning.