Our support for the coordination of new tenders

Are you a shipper and would like to outsource your operational logistics to a contract logistics provider? Then we will be happy to provide support for you. Through our strongly developed network, we are able to support you in your search for partners in the areas of warehousing and transport and to meet your requirements.

Capacities effective & cost-efficient

In these cases, outsourcing logistics is worthwhile

Many companies often find it difficult to cover the sometimes strongly fluctuating order load effectively and cost-efficiently with their own capacities!

Shippers often see logistics as a core competence for their own company. This attitude needs to be reconsidered when the company has to create its own - usually more cost-intensive - possibilities, which a professionally operating logistics company offers.


This is exactly where outsourcing comes in, so that you can continue to actively support your customers despite limited resources

Both from the transport side and for storage, it is therefore important to have flexible and demand-oriented capacities.
If you are thinking about a tender in this area, we will be happy to support you throughout the entire process.

Professional expertise is important not only in the search for new logistics service providers, but also in their review and assessment.

Know-how from experts

Numerous services to accompany the tender

LogConsult offers you various approaches to accompany you in your enquiries and tenders.
One of the biggest problems with new tenders is that the capacities really needed are often only based on rudimentarily determined assumptions.

However, in order to calculate and correctly classify effort and costs, it is important to have carefully ascertained facts.
You can expect the following services:

Advice on finding locations for new tenders

The location also plays a key role in the success of your tenders.
We adapt our location proposals to your business.

Procurement of suitable offers in the respective area

Around your actual requirement, we make sure that you receive an offer that meets your needs.

Accompanying the implementation

Optionally, our experts can also accompany the integration and implementation of an outsourcing project.    

Joint consideration

Precise support in operational logistics

It is worthwhile to look at your own processes together and to further optimise logistical processes.
The influence that outsourcing should play in this and the share of your business to which the tenders relate play a decisive role.

As experts in the field of contract logistics, we provide you with suitable recommendations for your operational business.

Commitment, individuality and market experience

Thanks to many years of accompanying shippers, we know how success can also be defined in outsourcing.
In this respect, we make it even easier for you to hand over exactly the right parts of your operational logistics to a professional logistics service provider so that you can then focus on your own core competencies in your business.

If you are looking for new partners for your logistics, we will be happy to accompany you.

Customised advice

Benefit from our support for your tender!

When it comes to custom-fit tenders that can relieve you in your day-to-day operations, we are exactly the right consulting partner. With the right advice, you will find the right service providers.

Therefore, please feel free to contact us directly if you need optimal support.

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