Specific transport solutions in the chemical sector

Chemical substances are classified as hazardous goods in Germany and are therefore subject to strict requirements for transport. For example, special permits and further training for personnel are required to transport hazardous materials, and these are only possible in conjunction with a structured concept. But what makes for effective transport solutions in the chemical industry, what services are crucial, and how can safety be guaranteed

Meet the special requirements

Important additional requirements for chemical transports

For transports with chemical products are usually not possible to combine with other items. In dangerous goods, special requirements apply when it comes to ensuring the necessary safety.

The process of transporting organic and inorganic chemicals therefore already begins in the logistics, through which no substances may be released. Both environmental protection and the safety of employees are safeguarded by the company's own sites.



In order to accurately assess the hazards involved in handling chemical cargoes, a comprehensive assessment of the hazard is essential in advance.

This is derived from the Occupational Health and Safety Act and includes all safety criteria around operational storage. Aspects such as an individual storage plan, which is closely linked to your concept, is therefore mandatory.

With a suitable transport partner, this becomes possible without any problems.

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Know-how from experts

These services characterize a transport solution for chemistry

As soon as it comes to transport solutions in the chemical industry, the protection of all responsible persons and, of course, the products plays a decisive role. This has the advantage that risks are recorded right from the start and assessed accordingly.
By labeling on the freight wagon or directly on the truck, outsiders also recognize that chemical transport solutions are involved.
The following services are crucial at this point for compact chemical transports:

Comprehensive certification

Additional certification is required for the authorized transport of dangerous goods such as chemical substances. The same applies to possible transshipment points, where exact attention must be paid to the respective properties of the delivery. Together with one of the many partners in our logistics network, you need not worry about this.

Optimal security

Each chemical product must be transported and secured under different conditions. At this point, expertise and experience are of paramount importance. For most chemicals, an air-impermeable and fully secured environment should be available for transport. This protects the transport space, workers and the environment.




Holistic logistics

The more companies take care of logistics and transport solutions in the chemical industry, the greater the corresponding risk factors. With such complex processes, it is best to opt for a single partner and design your logistics holistically. This way, you benefit from an effective concept that fits your supply chains.

Digital control

For chemical deliveries, additional control mechanisms such as the digitalization of management are of utmost importance. This makes it possible to conscientiously check inventories before loading and after unloading and to avoid transport losses. Especially with chemical hazardous goods, diligence and control are probably the most important aspects.




Project specific equipment for each transport

Each chemical transport is different, which is why the equipment associated with it must also differ significantly.

This is comprehensively planned by the chosen service providers to respond to the composition of each transport. It is best to always check in advance whether the infrastructure provided meets the safety requirements of the chemicals.


Our experts will be happy to accompany you with your transport solutions in the chemical industry and support you in word and deed with your projects.

Advanced telematics systems and additional services for organization and management help you with the entire process at this point. In this way, you can rely on a well-thought-out network for chemical processes in the areas of transport and logistics.

Optimize logistics and transport in the chemical industry now!

Without comprehensive preparation, transports in the chemical industry always pose a risk.
That's why we here at LogCoop want to provide you with comprehensive support in making your practical transport solutions in the chemical industry more efficient and safer.

With state-of-the-art vehicle and safety technology, digital location and availability management, and holistic logistics, you will be able to meet legal and operational requirements.